For the first 7 days of absence from work due to ill health, you need to complete a self-certificate. Your employer will normally supply you with this form ‘SC2’.  If you are unemployed or self-employed you can submit a form ‘SC1’ available from the DWP (Adobe Reader required).

You do not need to provide a medical certificate from a doctor for sick leave of 7 days or less.  If your employer insists on medical certification for this period, you will be asked to pay a private fee for such a certificate, as this certification is not part of the NHS service.

Doctor’s certificates

If you are unable to work due to illness for more than 7 days, you will need a medical certificate for sick pay or benefits (form Med 3).  The doctor treating your condition will be able to provide a certificate if appropriate.  There is no charge for these certificates.  Normally this will be your GP, but certificates can also be issued by hospital doctors.

Other certificates/reports

Any other medical certificates or reports will incur a charge as they are not part of your NHS service.  Please see below for more details.

Service Fee
Private sick note £13
Private prescription £13
Accident / Sickness insurance certificate £30
Holiday insurance certificate £30
Health questionnaire verification and signature £30
Freedom from Infection certificate £20
Care Commission / Childminder £30
Taxicard forms £30
Power of Attorney £100
Court exemption letter £30
Jury service exemption letter No charge
Gardening exemption No charge
Other simple medical reports £20
HGV / PCV Medical £99
DVLA (with examination) £32 (£50)
Other reports / examinations £197.50 /hour pro rata
Private consultation (10 minutes at Health Centre) £32.50
Private consultation (Home Visit) £100
Data Protection Act: copy of computer records only £10
Data Protection Act: copy of computer & paper records £11 to £50