What does the service do? 

The GP APP service within the Practice provides physiotherapy assessment and diagnosis for patients affected by joint, bone and muscle problems.  Patients can make appointments direct with the Physiotherapist without seeing the Doctor first. 

Who will I be seen by? 

You will be seen by one of the two GP Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioners attached to the Practice.  The Practice offers face to face appointments (20 minutes) or telephone consultations (10 minutes).  Appointments/Consultations commence on 23/5/19 and are on a Thursday afternoon and a Friday morning. 

What will happen at the appointment? 

The GP APP will:   Assess you and diagnose what is happening   Give expert advice on how best to manage your condition   Refer you on to specialist services if necessary (Orthopaedics, Xray, Hospital Physiotherapists). 

What might the appointment involve? 

Following your assessment the GP APP will discuss a treatment plan with you, this might involve:  • An exercise and self care programme for you to follow at home  • Attendance at physiotherapy  • Advice to attend a suitable exercise class.  • Direction to suitable websites 

Special requirements 

If you require communication assistance (Translator or Interpreter) please inform the Reception Staff when making the appointment. 

To make an appointment 

Telephone the Practice on 01506 423800. The Receptionist will ask some questions related to your symptoms and if appropriate offer an appointment with the GP APP. 

What happens if I am unable to attend my appointment? 

If you are unable to keep your appointment please contact the Practice to cancel and rearrange. This will allow another patient to be seen. 

What is this service suitable for? 

• All soft tissue injuries, sprains, strains and sports injuries  • Arthritis  • Spinal pain, neck, mid or low back pain  • All joint pains, hips, knees, shoulders etc  • Trapped nerves/sciatica  • Mobility problems  • General weakness after illness/surgery. 

What is the service not suitable for? 

 Anyone under 16 years of age 
 Women’s health, antenatal/postnatal 
 Housebound patients 
 Medication reviews 
 Neurology conditions 
 Respiratory conditions 
 Headaches 
 Acute mental health crises 
 Medical management of rheumatoid conditions.   

What should I wear/bring with me? 

Please wear loose comfortable clothing.  The GP APP may ask you to undress to examine you.  If you have leg or back problems please bring shorts or a loose fitting skirt.